Roblox Hello Neighbor

If you have already seen game about a man, who wants to discover secrets of his neighbor, then you will definitely appreciate new game from the Roblox universe. Even in a fantasy world, where people with cubic heads live, there are a lot of criminals, which may spoil their lives. This is why new variation of a popular thriller about a suspicious man and Hello neighbor 4 is a wonderful representative of Roblox games. If you remember, in the original version of the game your character moved into a safe and calm region, and he wanted to make friends with every citizen of the place, which he liked from the first glance.

But he couldn’t even think that he will be living next to a crazy person. It’s hard to say that this man is doing something criminal, but our character believes he can read his minds. Our hero believes something vicious is going to happen, and he has to interfere before something terrible has happened. He noticed that his strange neighbor is frequently visiting his basement, and there is no reason for doing this. He definitely has something on his mind, and our hero needs to discover all secrets of the suspicious man, and the price doesn’t matter for him.

The main point of horror game Roblox lies in the penetration into the house of the strange neighbor, and you do this without any hesitation. Of course, your neighbor is in the state of constant alert, as if he knows that someone wants to discover his secrets, so he is monitoring his apartment all the time, and he know, when anyone is coming in. and the game is getting more and more complicated, because your opponent is able to learn in the process of playing. Your enemy has got an AI, and he is able to predict your moves, if you spend too much time in the game. In this way, you should be very quick and think less. And, if you tried to use some tool, but this attempt failed, you should try to use it for the second time – this time your opponent will become much cleverer.

Do you want to know about all peculiarities, which this game has for you? Then you have various videos, which are available in the internet thanks to various gamers. Playing with such hints will be much easier, but if you want to experience everything on your own, you shouldn’t waste your time on watching videos, because instead of this you can play and explore everything on your own. Are you ready to find all evidences and give the criminal neighbor to police? Then Roblox neighbor is waiting for you to say ‘Hello’ to him.