Hello Neighbor Minecraft

You know how it is when you move to a new town. You are all alone, with no friends and the only people you can find comfort with are your neighbors. That is, if they are willing to communicate… Our hero is a newcomer in a peaceful suburban area where he hopes to start a new life. He is fascinated with the green trees, the quiet atmosphere and his new cozy house. The only thing troubling him is his neighbor. Not only is this man totally unfriendly and sociopathic, he also seems to be involved in some sort of criminal activity. You aren’t sure, but you grow suspicious of him as you watch him sneaking into his basement from where you hear weird noises… What can that be? Perhaps it’s just an innocent hobby of his, something like wood carving. But you can’t help but thinking your neighbor doesn’t seem to be the kind of person who enjoys making beautiful things with his hands. More like terrible things… What if he’s a maniac and you can be his next victim? This thought doesn’t let you sleep at night. Totally disrupted, you decide to sneak in and see everything with your own eyes in minecraft mod.

But, provided that your neighbor spends most of his time at home, that won’t be an easy enterprise! You are at constant risk of being noticed, so you have to move really quiet and choose the right moment to tiptoe behind his back as he is busy at the kitchen or watches TV. If he moves in your direction, you can either find a shelter in a dark corner of the room where he won’t notice you or distract his attention by throwing an object or, for instance, plugging in a water boiler. But that won’t keep him occupied for long, so you have just several seconds to relocate. As for a computer program, the neighbor has quite high AI. He remembers everything you do and takes precautions. So don’t be surprised if he predicts your next move! That is, if you keep doing the same mistakes over and over again. Be smart and beat your neighbor to the punch to uncover his secret!