Hello Neighbor in Real Life

Hello Neighbor is an exciting horror with puzzle solving elements where you have to search the home of your murderous neighbor and find proofs that he’s keeping his victims down in the basement. You get in through the front door which appears to be unlocked. But that doesn’t mean the rest of your investigation will run just as smoothly. Your neighbor will be in the house all the time walking in and out of the rooms and doing the usual things people do when they’re home alone. Your goal is to stay unnoticed for as long as you can and not to attract the neighbor’s attention by making noise, moving things and otherwise alerting him to your presence. If he knows there is someone else in the house, he’ll use his entire arsenal of traps and weapons to catch the trespasser and make sure his secret remains safe. Use all your cunning to outplay the tricky AI and prevent the neighbor from driving you into a corner and hitting you with his heavy spade. With plenty of rooms to search and a lot of strange stuff to discover there, you have not a single second to waste! You might be on to one of the most dangerous maniacs of our time… Set out on your mission right now and watch your every step with the omnipresent neighbor sneaking around behind your back!