Hello Neighbor: Hide And Seek

If you already played Hello Neighbor, you will definitely be happy to try out a new mode called Hide and Seek! This time there won’t be any murders and mysteries involved. You are just playing hide and seek with your little brother. But the element of exploration and puzzle solving is still there. The action unfolds in a vast house with a huge outdoor area. Your goal is to collect all the animal toys and put them in the cage before your brother finds you. Sounds simple, right? But where will you start searching in early apk?

Each toy is safely hidden somewhere around the premises. You have to rummage through every corner if you hope to complete the tasks. With your brother constantly hanging around, that will be quite a challenge. Luckily, you can distract him by throwing a ball that he will chase. That will give you a few seconds to leave a risky spot and avoid being discovered. There are also binoculars scattered all over the place. Pick up one and observe the surroundings. Perhaps you’ll see something worth your attention!

The toys are not easy to get either. You’ll have to scramble through piles of stones, climb the furniture, use various items to reach into narrow spaces and even dive into the lake. Take a good look at everything you see in the room to figure out which of the objects can come in handy. Some of the animals will be protected: for instance, by a clockwork bird that starts screaming when you approach it. The scream will attract your brother, so do whatever you came for fast! Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek is a fascinating take on the original game that retains all of its concept and mechanics while replacing the blood-chilling horror with an innocent entertainment. The graphics has also remained familiar, so it feels like a logical continuation of the universe you already know so well and to which you got used. Plunge into a thrilling hide and seek session, locate all the animals and outplay your brother as he tries to thwart your attempts and find you first!