Hello Neighbor Beta 4

There are neighbors that are better not to live beside. They are sullen, unfriendly and angry. Some even seem to pick up a fight over sheer trifles, just for the sake of it. You weren’t lucky. Although your neighbor isn’t the scandalous type, he arouses your worst suspicions. You repeatedly saw him fussing in and out of his basement and heard noises from there that just can’t belong to a peaceful suburb neighborhood. Disturbed by the thought that he might be a serial killer keeping his victims out of sight where nobody will be looking for them, you decide to find out the truth. Sneak inside the house and look around. You have to make it to the basement and check it out without being spotted by your neighbor. Since he doesn’t leave the house, you’ll have to avoid him and behave very quietly. Once he gets alerted to your presence, wait for trouble! He’ll start chasing you all over the place setting traps and doing everything he can to catch the intruder. The Neighbor remembers your every move and is capable to use it to his advantage. To outsmart him, you’ll have to think of a new approach each time you try to replay a spot where you failed last. If you show good reflexes, ingenuity and puzzle solving skills, you’ll find a way to the basement door!