Hello Neighbor Beta 3

Neighbors are part of our life. We see them every day, talk to them and, if we’re lucky, make friends. But that just seems to be not the case. Your new neighbor in new Beta 3 is a quite suspicious type. He prefers to keep to his own, spends most of his time inside the house and, what bothers you most, there are strange sounds coming from his basement. Once you even noticed him barring and bolting down the door leading there. What secrets might he hide down under? You decide to find out, even if that means trespassing…

So you break into your neighbor’s house and start looking around. But there is one catch: the owner is at home. You have to do everything carefully and quietly. Who knows what he’ll do to you if he discovers your presence… Explore the building from the front door to its most remote corners and find an entrance to the basement to figure out what’s really going on.

Beware of your neighbor, though. He’ll be popping in and out all the time doing his morning exercises, taking a shower and making breakfast. As long as you stay unspotted, there is nothing for you to be afraid of. But if he sees or hears anything unusual, he’ll take measures. So if you are noticed using one of the doors or running off through a window, you can expect to get into a bear trap the next time you decide to take the same path. Yes, your neighbor learns quickly! His house is a tricky labyrinth of corridors and staircases and you never know what is waiting for you behind another door. Discover the mysteries of this menacing place and try not to end up in the basement yourself!