Hello Neighbor Beta 1

Do you have good relationships with your neighbors? Perhaps you engage in a friendly talk over the fence, discuss flower care and plumbing issues or even pop in for a cup of tea and have picnics together? Our hero weren’t so lucky. His neighbor seems to be a rather grim type. He avoids any kind of contact, lives secretly behind tightly closed curtains and does something highly bizarre in his basement. You often hear strange sounds when he’s there and a few times it even seemed to you someone screamed. Maybe it was the neighbor himself – say, he dropped a hammer on his foot. But you can’t be sure until you check that out! In Hello Neighbor Beta 1 you set off on a thrilling and quite risky investigation. You way lies right into the neighbor’s house!

As you step into the door filled with curiosity and anxiety, you need to be extra careful. Your neighbor is inside and he’ll hardly take your uninvited visit lightly. Right now, he’s unaware of your intrusion and that gives you an advantage. You will hear him watching TV, singing in the shower and puffing as he does his morning exercises. You will even see him passing by. But he can hear and see you as well. When he’s close, lie low and avoid being noticed. If that happened and something drew his attention, hide in a safe place or distract him by making noise or turning on one of the house appliances you’ll see in the room. While he’s checking out the source of disturbance, you’ll be able to sneak away. The neighbor won’t just leave without making sure you won’t show up at that spot again, though. Traps, cameras and himself waiting to knock you out with a spade is what you can expect if you aren’t cautious enough! Will you be able to pull out your plan? Let’s see!