Hello Neighbor Alpha 5

Hello Neighbor Alpha 5 is a game we can never be bored to play! And it’s time to discover how it looks in the universe of Roblox! Unravel the dark secrets of your neighbor’s house in an iconic pixelated style and try not to get into his square-shaped hands! You play as a new guy in the neighborhood. You love the quiet and unhurried life of the town you just moved in, but you can’t seem to get along with your neighbor. In fact, he is a rather strange man. He rarely ever talks to anyone and mostly stays inside. There is also some sort of mystery surrounding his basement from where you sometimes hear hammering and screaming. What could that be? Perhaps he’s a maniac torturing his victims? You need to investigate this!

So one day when the opportunity seems right you sneak into your neighbor’s apartment and start snooping around. But you forgot to make sure your suspect is not home! In a short while, you understand he is also here. So your task is further complicated by the fact that you need to avoid your neighbor at all costs. He’s a hard nut and will do everything to catch you. Of course, you can hide behind the furniture and distract his attention by throwing things, knocking over a vase or turning on the lights. But make no mistake, if he spots your presence, he’ll remember the place where he saw or heard you and set up a few unpleasant surprises for you. That means you’ll have to come up with a different strategy every time you run into him. Otherwise you are as good as dead! Can you cope with that? Start playing Hello Neighbor in Roblox and see if you can beat a cunning murderer this time!