Hello Neighbor Alpha 4

Whether we like our neighbors or not, they are people that play an important role in our life. We meet them consistently, converse with them and, in case we’re fortunate, make companions. In any case, that just is by all accounts not the situation. The man you live next to seems highly suspicious. He never talks to you, invests a large portion of his energy inside the house and, what irritates you most, there are peculiar sounds originating from his storm cellar. Maybe that’s why he keeps it safely locked and barred. What privileged insights may he stow away down under? You choose to discover, regardless of whether that implies breaking into his house…

So you set foot inside and begin glancing around. In any case, there is one obstacle: the proprietor is at home. You need to do everything precisely and unobtrusively. Who recognizes what he’ll do to you on the off chance that he catches you in the act… Explore the whereabouts from the entrance to its most distant rooms and discover a passageway to the storm cellar to make sense of what’s wrong here.

Be careful with your neighbor, however. He’ll be walking around the house all the time doing his morning works out, cleaning up and grabbing a bite in the kichen. For whatever length of time that you remain quiet, there is nothing for you to fear. However, in the event that he notices anything surprising, he’ll take measures. So if you are spotted near one of the doors or windows, you can hope to get into a cunningly set trap whenever you choose to take a similar way. Truly, your neighbor adapts rapidly! His home is a precarious maze of hallways and stairs and you never realize what is sitting tight for you at the next step. Unravel the riddles of this threatening building and do whatever it takes not to meet your neighbor face to face!