Hello Neighbor Alpha 3

There are games with an impeccable graphics, which catches your attention, while others are plain and simple, but they still find admirers. There are games simple and intuitive, while the rest are way too complicated, but every category has got a lot of fans. Hello neighbor is a very complicated game, because it doesn’t give you any hints on how you should act in the game, and at the same it isn’t intuitive at all. So, why gamers all over the world play this game, trying to find out about all secrets of the strange neighbor in Alpha 3? Well, if you want to know the answer, you should read a bit about the plot of the game. Or, don’t bother yourself with reading, just play it!

First of all, this is a horror game, which deals with a kid, who noticed something strange in his neighbor. He came close to neighbor’s house one day, and saw that he was doing something in the basement, which is usually locked thoroughly. It seemed to him that he heard something, and he decided to discover this secret, but he needs to get into the house to do this. He believes that when he finds a key, he will rescue someone, and this person will be very grateful. But how can our little hero do this? Your neighbor is watching your every step, and he is very smart, so you should keep this in mind before starting your intrusion.

Your enemy has got an AI, and it means that he will be constantly learning. For instance, if he noticed you in a certain place, then he may put a camera, faced to this spot. This is why your strategy will never work twice. If he catches you, the scene will be restarted, and it means that he will remember your combinations before you died. This is awful, because you have to invent something peculiar all the time. Whenever you make a mistake, it is noticed by your neighbor, and you have to believe it right now: he is a fast learner.

If you think that this game is only about running and hiding, you are wrong. There are plenty of puzzles for you to solve, traps to avoid and ideas on how you can die. Strange sounds, bizarre hallucinations and black humor are presented in this game, and you should be aware of this beforehand. This game isn’t bloody, but still there are plenty of ways for you to die. When you finally manage to get to the basement, you will be surprised to reveal the bothering secret, but get ready that you might not like what you see.