Hello Neighbor Alpha 2

Who are you now? If you want to change your identity for a kid, which is under difficult life circumstances, than you can do it in Hello Neighbor Alpha 2 horror game. Here you are a small kid, who moves into an unknown district, which seems to be perfect with its quiet streets and nothing disturbs your mind at first. But then you notice your neighbor, and you start suspecting something. He seemed to be ordinary, though, strange a bit – he doesn’t like guests. Well, maybe he is just an introvert? This can be true, of course, but he goes to the basement, which contains some kind of a mystery, and this curios kid wants to know these secrets of a suspicious neighbor.

So, this boy wants to sneak into his neighbor’s house, though he has no clue on how he can do this. But the boy is brave, and he doesn’t care for obstacles, when it comes to the discoveries, when his dreams can come true. He can get to the basement, and the only way to do this is to get into the house. Your neighbor won’t let you do this easily, and whenever he spots you anywhere on his territory, he will be ready to fight for his safety, and set traps, which will make you lose your life again and again. This is because your neighbor’s got an AI, which means that he will become smarter and smarter every time you will make a mistake.

The graphics in the game is rather weird, but you will get used to it very quickly. Your neighbor knows the rules, which are in his house, but you aren’t aware about them, and this is why you will be making mistakes again and again. For instance, the house is full of various objects, which you may use during the game, but you have no idea how to use them, and here everything is enigmatic. Something very useful may be far from you, while something very complicated and not so cool is within your reach. Your neighbor is wandering about the house with no purpose, until he traces that someone entered his home, and he need to keep his privacy and dirty secrets.

You need to remember one very simple thing: it doesn’t matter how careful you are, you will be noticed, traced and punished for intrusion. To sum up, you will need more luck than actual gaming skills. Hello neighbor is a very tricky game, but when you will get to the basement, you will find the revelation, what you was looking for during the entire game. Will the answer satisfy you? Who knows, only the time will show you whether this journey wasn’t in vain, or you suspected someone innocent to be criminal. Play the game, and let the curtain fall!