Hello Neighbor Alpha 1

Hello Neighbor Alpha 1 is cool horror game, which will make you think a lot before your every step. In this game you need to come to your neighbor’s house, and discover his secrets. There are no apparent evidences about his evil nature, but you are sure that something wrong is going on. Your neighbor has got AI, and he will easily discover all your strategies, so you shouldn’t repeat the same schemes twice. You have to wander about the house, and solve various puzzles, of which this strange house is full. You will discover the story step by step, until your enemy catches you. Once he does this, the scene will end, and you will start it from the very beginning. And this is very bad to you not because of the fact of death of your character, but because your enemy becomes cleverer.

You won’t be given many hints during the game, and you will understand the complicated state of things from the very beginning. For instance, you need to open the front door to enter, but the key is located inside the house, on the second floor of the building. And you can’t get it the other way, you have to get into house and the second floor particularly, from the outside. You have no idea how to do it, and the game has no tips for you. This may be rather difficult to play, but such idea definitely makes the game scarier, and you will never know where the game will lead you next time.

Once you are into the house, you will see various objects that might help you to progress in the game. Still, you don’t know how to use them, and you should rely on your fantasy and hope that you understood the role of a particular tool the right way. In other words, you don’t have a particular scenario, which you have to follow, unlike other games. Some players like this ability to feel freedom in their actions, others like to know what they have to do precisely. To what camp do you belong? If you feel free under such circumstances, then you should try Hello, Neighbor. And what is the most awful about this game is your enemy, which can learn from your every error, and if you try to apply the same tactics, he will know how to act to prevent you from fulfilling your mission. You should be quicker and smarter and try not to make mistakes. Of course, this is not possible, because even the most skilled gamer will make certain mistakes at first. All you can do is to avoid the same scenarios and try to find the way out from the house and get into the basement, where you may discover your neighbor’s secrets.