Cheats and Hack

Remember you were climbing up the garden wall as a kid and landing right into your neighbor’s garden? You enjoyed snooping around and gazing into the windows just to catch a glimpse of their private life. Well, you’ve grown up and the spirit of adventure hasn’t gone anywhere! Now you aren’t satisfied with the mere role of a peeping Tom, though. You want to find out what’s hidden in your neighbor’s basement! After all, he is a weird man and who knows what you might discover there with secrets and hacks! So you find the right moment and make your way inside. Oops, it turns out your neighbor is still at home! What are going to do? There is no way back and you decided to follow the plan. You walk around the house on tiptoes looking for the basement door. Be careful not to make a lot of noise or get into your neighbor’s sight! Nobody likes people breaking into their home, especially if they have something to hide… No, he won’t call the police. He’ll deal with you single-handedly and you’d better not find out what that means… Get ready for security cameras, bear traps and other things of the sort. Use the items surrounding you to distract the neighbor’s attention and protect your life. It might take you a few attempts, but you’ll definitely reveal the mystery buried under this house!