Hello Neighbor Game Play Online

We’ve all read it the newspapers and watched in the news. One day some decent-looking, respectful man who lives a peaceful life somewhere in a quiet neighborhood, uninvolved in any sort of scandals or shady stories, is stopped by the police with a dead body in his trunk. Such things appall us, but we can’t imagine something like that can happen to us once… Hello Neighbor will send you on a perilous investigation of your highly suspicious neighbor’s house.

In the maniac’s lair

You have to sneak in and explore the building searching for evidence of horrible things happening down in the basement. But will you be able to find your way there past the owner of the house who is always on the watch? The adventure begins over the doorstep and you are about to cross it… Hello Neighbor is a horror game with a surreal environment, suspenseful atmosphere and elements of puzzle solving. Walking through the multiple rooms of his house, you have to discover and picklock the basement door all while avoiding your neighbor who is in the house and isn’t disposed particularly well towards intruders. To successfully accomplish your task, you need to collect a set of objects and figure out how to use them to gain access to the very place that interests you most. But beware, the antagonist is easy to alert by the slightest sound. He checks up on anything unusual that happens in his lodgment and is ready to protect his secret. If you fail to find a shelter or run off when he’s on to your presence, he will catch and knock you out. You’ll wake up in your own home and will have to start all over again. Only this time the neighbor will remember where he saw you and take steps to make sure you don’t fool him again…

Escape or die!

The game is divided into three acts. In act 1, a small child is having fun in the road when he makes out a shout from the adjacent home. The kid sets out on research and spots the neighbor clearly securing a victim in his cellar. The hero breaks into the man’s house and finds an entrance to the cellar. He uncovers that the man has changed it into an underground labyrinth, however spots no indication of any detainee. After that he bumps into the owner of the manor and is caught.

In act 2, the kid awakens, ending up secured in the antagonist’s underground prison. He figures out how to get away from his cell and walks out into the backyard, just to discover the man has raised a huge fence to anticipate escape. The child is compelled to unravel various riddles staying with the end goal to get away from the scary building. Eventually, he gets lucky and climbs over the fence, but the neighbor doesn’t follow him. After that, the hero moves out of the suburbs and forgets about his adventure. For a while…

Was it just a nightmare?..

Having grown up, the hero returns to the place where he spent his childhood. He discovers his old house in dilapidation while the building of his neighbor just a heap of remnants. The very first night he goes to sleep, he is jerked up by a youngster’s shout, and he sees the antagonist’s manor is rebuilt, yet now bigger, trickier and stranger than previously. The hero investigates the building and has dreamlike encounters, for example, fighting a monster rendition of the owner and shielding his youthful self from a goliath mirage. In the long run, he catches sight of the exit and awakens to see the spooky house is as yet a demolish. It is suggested that the vast majority of the third act was just a bad dream and his repeated escape from the maniac’s lair implies himself at last dealing with the disturbing experience he had in that house as a kid. Play this thrilling horror game and discover the mystery of the neighbor and his basement!